Etsy Loves the Fifty States

There's something about a state's shape that just works, well, for some states anyways. Texas, for one, just looks good. It was after seeing Katie Daisy's Texas print that I got curious about what other state themed items Etsy shop owners had for sale. There was a lot more than I thought! And some of these items are too cute to pass up, especially for those with lots of state pride!
1. Montana Wall Key Hooks from OldNewAgain
2. Texas Print 8x10 from thewheatfield
3. Custom Wedding Maps from leenmachine
4. Ohio, the Heart of it All Print from LilBurritos

1. The Roadtrip from JanuaryJonesPrints
2. 1930's Washington State Picture Map from StoriesDivinations
3. Alabama Plyboo Cutting Board from AHeirloom
4. Denver Neighborhood Map from JanuaryJonesPrints

1. Maine State Pillow from lovecalifornia
2. Little Idaho State Teething Toy from littlesaplingtoys
3. Your State Block from thebeeskneesdesigns (Great DIY idea!)
4. At Home in Minnesota Poster from thewheatfield 
My favorite is The Roadtrip by January Jones Prints. She'll customize your favorite road trip with the colors of your choice. This would also make for a great DIY! Just gotta take that road trip first...
And don't worry....for all you Tennesseans out there, we've got one too!

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